Drew's Brew Brewing Beer

The first thing you will need is a beer making kit.  The kits include a bucket with a spout and an air lock to release gasses during fermentation.  Other helpful items are hydrometers to measure the sugar and bleach or iodine to sanitize everything.

Here are several locations to find your Beer Brewing Kits:

Adventures In Homebrewing

DIY Beer Kit

Mr. Beer

Gold Complete Beer Kit

Next you will need a Beer Brewing Recipe Kit. These Kits usually include Wort, Hops Malt, Yeast and other flavor ingredients.

Here are a few places to get your Recipe Kits:

Adventures In Homebrewing

Coopers Beer Kit

Mr. Beer

In a large pot mix the wort with water and begin boiling.

Add the hops and other ingredients per the instructions that come with the brew kit.

Sanitize the fermenting bucket. It is important that anything that comes in contact with the brew be sterile.

Pour brew into fermenter.

Add the yeast. Some Home Brew supply stores have their own live culture yeast. These can enhance the flavors of your beer.

Homebrewing Yeast

Add water to the vapor lock. This lets the fermentation gases out without letting any air back in.

Ahhh, depending on the type of beer you are brewing your fermentation may be finished within a couple days or so. Then it is time to bottle or keg and drink.

Beer Bottling and Kegging supplies.


Kegging Kit - Kegging Instuctions